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Frequently asked questions


Q:I have an emergency outside of regular business hours, what should I do?

A:Call our Field Superintendent at (770)-654-2608. We provide 24-hour, 7 days a week, emergency service.

Q:A sprinkler head was hit accidentally and is spewing water everywhere. How do I shut the water off?

A:Assuming you know where your sprinkler riser is located, close the control valve (butterfly valve or gate valve) and open your main drain valve to relieve pressure off the system.

If you do not know where your sprinkler riser is located, you may be able to find it by walking the perimeter of the building. Look for a round bell, FDC connection, and a pipe extruding from the building. Your riser should be located inside the building on the opposite side.
Please see butterfly/gateway valve FDC which illustrates these valves.

Disclaimer: Closing the control valve can/will impair the sprinkler system and cause it not to work in a fire situation. Notify the local fire department that the system is out of service and tag the system as being impaired (i.e., hang a sign identifying that the system is out of service). Call the company that services/maintains your fire sprinkler system to have the system repaired and put back in service in a timely manner. Make sure you have a “fire watch” until the system is back in service. It is good practice to make sure all tenants and occupants are aware the fire sprinkler system is out of service. All repairs to the fire sprinkler system are required to be performed by a licensed fire protection contractor.


Q:How do I schedule an inspection?

A:Inspections can be scheduled by calling our main office at (770) 922-4250. If you are a new customer, a dedicated sales professional will assist you in securing a quote. If you are one of our regular customers, we are familiar with your equipment and our office staff can assist you with scheduling an inspection.

Q:What is a 5-year inspection and why am I required to have one?

A:Basically, an annual inspection checks to make sure the system is in good operating condition with no deficiencies, i.e., painted sprinklers, broke or bent pipe, damaged valves, etc.

A 5-year inspection involves actually inspecting the inside of the pipe, alarm valve, dry pipe valve, check valves, etc. for corrosion or other contaminants.
Click here to review pages from NFPA-25 that illustrate the need for a 5-year Internal Pipe Check. It’s called a “5-year” simply because it’s required every 5 years.


Q:How do I request a quote?

A:To request a quote, simply call our main office at (770) 922-4250 or simply click on this link to request a quote via our website.

General Questions

Q:I have no idea what type of system I need or what the code requires. How do I become informed?

A:Please call our main office and request to speak with an estimating professional. Our estimators have extensive experience in the industry and can assist you with choosing a system that meets your needs and code requirements.

Q:What precautions should I take to avoid busted pipes due to freeze damage?

A:Please follow our link for a list of precautionary steps to take.

Q:Do you accept credit cards?

A:Yes. Our office staff can assist you over the phone with credit card payments.

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